Import of Files

This user guide shows how to use the File Upload panel to import files and some data about them (name, size, ...) into the application, without having a data model already associated with it. The files are then available to search by their metadata in the searcher, by selecting the "File" data model.

Displaying the panel

If the File Upload is not already visible, display it by clicking on View>File Upload in the Menu bar

By default it will be displayed at the bottom of the main window, but it can be moved or detached by clicking and dragging the title bar, like any of the panels in the application.

Uploading files

To start uploading, you can either:

use the mouse cursor to drag and drop a file or group of files over the File Upload panel


or click on the "Select files for upload" button and select the files from the dialog window.


The progress of the upload of each file will be shown in a progress bar to the right of each file name


Once a file is done uploading, it appears as a child Entity of the "File" data model in the Data Manager. It can also be retrieved from a search in the Searcher tool.