The Edge application is built using Canopy Data, a framework for graphical applications. This means Edge inherits some useful features which are worth expanding on here.

Window Management

Windows in Edge can be re-organized by clicking on the title bar and dragging them.


Dragging the Raw Data Browser window to a new location.

Any draggable window can also be completely separated from the main application window. If a draggable window (other than the main one) gets closed, it can be re-opened via the View menu.

Windows without a title bar (e.g. the tabs on the left hand side) can also be moved by right clicking the area containing the tabs and creating a new pane, then dragging the tab into the newly created pane.


Viewing search and data model creation panes side-by-side

Application Layout on Startup

After closing, the application will store the current layout and attempt to restore it on re-opening. There are some caveats to this though, as it will unfortunately not restore previously open tabs, or panes which only contain tabs.

Advanced Panes

The application also has optional IPython shell and data management panes. These can be activated from the View menu and can be useful for debugging. Items from the data pane can also be dragged into the IPython pane and interacted with there.

Welcome Tab

The 'Welcome Tab' displayed on starting the application can be re-opened via the Help menu if closed.