Editing Data

Data ingested from files or manually created entities can be edited using the Entity creator tool. This tool can be opened simply by double clicking an entity in the Data manager pane.


It consists of two panes: on the left side, a table gathers all the facts associated with the edited entity, whereas on the right side is displayed the data model tree for this entity.

Creating/Editing facts

Facts in the table are grouped by fact kinds. The first column represents the value of the facts, while additional columns correspond to potential configurables associated with them. For instance in the picture above, the viscosity fact has a value of 34.2 cSt, measured at a temperature of 25 C. It is worth keeping in mind that configurables can be edited only if a value has been set for the fact.

Additional facts can be created using either the + button or the Add Fact right-click action on the fact kind of interest. Similarly, facts can be deleted using the - button or the Delete Fact action.

Browsing fact history


The Entity creator also offers the possibility to browse through the previous revisions of a fact. This feature is accessible via the Browse Fact History right-click menu action. It spawns a dialog showing the current value and configurations of the fact, as well as table listing the operations made on this fact between its current state and the selected revision. Browsing through revisions of the fact is possible using the < and > buttons. It is possible to set the value and configurations of the fact back to the ones of a previous revision using the Restore button.

Linking files to entities

When the entity being edited can contain facts referencing files (i.e. its data model contains fact kinds whose value types are file_id), then it is possible to link files to this entity. It can be useful to keep a reference to files relevant to the measurements represented by the entity. For example, the entity used in this documentation corresponds to a spin coated film. SEM images of the film are taken to inspect its quality. The animation below shows how to link such an image with our entity.


Note that a new fact is created under the fact kind corresponding to the referenced files. The value of this fact corresponds to the unique identifier of the file in the blob store.

If several of fact kinds referencing files exists in the data model, a dialog prompts to select one when the files are dropped.

Note that linking a file to an entity can be done within the Data manager pane, using the Link file to right-click menu actions available when selecting a file in the Data manager pane.