Edge is a library and application which allow organizing, managing, and searching domain-specific data.

The Edge software can be interacted with in two ways: either through the graphical Edge Application, or by using the Edge API.

Installation & Setup

This installs the Edge software, using the Enthought Deployment Manager application.

  1. Install EDM: The installer for EDM can be found here. Select the full GUI installer rather than the CLI-only version.

  2. After downloading and installing EDM, open it and log in to your Enthought account.

  3. Select the enthought/edge repository in the settings tab of EDM.

#. Look for 'enthought_edge_app' in the apps tab of EDM and install by clicking DETAILS > INSTALL .

#. Launch the application by double clicking the diagonal arrow in a box icon next to the Edge item created in 'Available applications'. If you chose to add it to the desktop, you can also double click the icon there.

Please refer to the EDM documentation for more details regarding EDM and its configuration.