The Scientific Workbench#

The Scientific Workbench is your starting point for working with Edge. From here, you can launch Apps including the Analysis App for working with Jupyter Notebooks and launch the Data App for interactively managing files and connectors. In addition, the Scientific Workbench provides a Search Tool.


Search Tool#

In addition, you can click on the search icon in the left sidebar to use the Search tool, which you can use to rapidly locate data known to Edge. Currently, files and filenames in Edge's internal storage are indexed:


Edge Apps#

Edge Apps are interactive tools for performing scientific analysis and working with data. Apps run using a variety of Compute Profiles. You can launch an App by clicking on its tile. When you launch an App, an individual instance of the App launches for your user.

You can stop a running app from the Scientific Workbench by opening its dropdown menu and clicking the Stop button.

The App dropdown menu

Edge ships with two built-in applications: the Analysis App built on JupyterLab, and the Data App.

Compute Profiles#

Apps can run using different Compute Profiles. These allow Apps to run using increased memory sizes, CPUs and even GPUs. To launch an App with a specific Compute Profile, click the App dropdown menu and select Start As:

Starting an App with a different Compute Profile

You can now select a Compute Profile with which to launch the App:

Compute Profiles

Edge Native App Lifecycle#

Edge Native Apps are containerized applications that run on Edge resources. When launched, Edge performs the following tasks on behalf of the user:

  • Pulls a container image for the App, using the image repository credentials if necessary

  • Allocates resources that fit either the App's recommended profile or the user selected profile

  • Creates an instance of the App for the user and redirects the user's browser to it

  • Monitors activity on the App, and disposes of resources when it is include

Apps are automatically shut-down when not in use, in order to preserve resources.