Getting Started#

Enthought Edge brings several capabilities together into one product. Edge features include:

  • The Scientific Workbench, where you can launch Apps

  • The Analysis App (JupyterLab), where you can write notebooks to analyze data, and instantly access Edge's files and data connectors from Python

  • The Data App, where you can browse & edit files and connector data interactively

  • A Search tool, which you can use to rapidly locate data of interest

Basic Concepts#

In addition to the interactive tools, Edge also features:

  • An extensible App model, for developing interactive scientific computation applications

  • An internal data store, using a file/folder metaphor

  • A collection of data connectors, which you can use to connect Edge to vast quantities of pre-existing data in your organization

  • A fast, modern API you can use for analysis or building custom applications

Logging in#

Go to, and you should see a page prompting you to log in. Clicking on "Login" will prompt you to enter the username and password for your Enthought account:


Once you've logged, in the Scientific Workbench will be displayed. This is where applications (custom or built-in to Edge) are shown, and is your starting point for working with Edge.